Wednesday, September 1, 2010

Steam 3 - The third hunt

*STEAM 3 Locations*

I'll try to fill in the slurls and hints (and gossip) as I go along. If you hear something I don't know, please leave a comment.

#1 - Steampunk Info Center / STEAM HQ

#2 - ~Lantian~
GEAR yourself up for this HEART-y adventure!

#3 - Pop Tart/Urban Assault
Speak Friend and enter.

#4 - Mire
Keep it under your hat, bighead!

#5 - Kyris Upshaw - Ky's Kreayshunz
Find what makes the world go round!

#6 - Ziva's Underground Footwear

#7 - Destiny's designs
Even a gentleman can keep secrets.
(I hate slow elevators.)

#8 - SteamBounD

#9 - Primwinly
You might need to STUDY a bit but it's in plain sight

#10 - E&D Engineering
hide [haɪd] hid, hid·den or hid, hid·ing –verb (used with object)
1. to conceal from sight; prevent from being seen or discovered.
2. to obstruct the view of; cover up.

hide [haɪd] –noun
1. the pelt or skin of one of the larger animals (cow, horse, buffalo, etc.), raw or dressed.

#11 - The Dolly Box Club and Mall
Time gets ahead of me.

#12 - Avatar Bizarre
Would you call me a Fun Guy or a Fungi?

#13 - 22769 Cacual Couture
Do you know Fractals? They are rough or fragmented geometric shapes that can be split into parts, each of which is a reduced size copy of the whole - and some even make trousers out of it!

#14 - USC Texture Tomb
Right on time.

#15 - Never Ever
If the chair rocks you'll find what you are searchinbg for

#16 - Ezura
Up and above. Broken on your legs.

#17 - Shiny Shop
If you were broken, I'd help.

#18 - TexWorks
Gulliver's travels led him far and wide, but oh so close to where the gear will hide.

#19 - A Stitch In Time
How do these curtains work again? Maybe this gear is the answer!

#20 - Timeless Textures
What's New at Timeless Textures?

#21 - SteamStyle Steampunk Emporium
Cheops had a bigger one.

#22 - Immortal
Look inside, the gift is there. First floor.

#23 - MollyWorld Dwellings
TP to the 4th floor. BRONNIE loves living by the BAY

#24 - VM Detail and Design
By tomorrow you'll have found it. But today, I have drowned it.

#25 - SR Leatherwerkx
Look for me in the midst of everything.
Think - be bright!

#26 - Frosted Myst (location 1 of 2)
Yes I'm shy and hiding from you.
But it's nice and warm here.

#27 - Frosted Myst Designs (location 2 of 2)
If you follow my friends,
you'll fine the humble abode that
Yeesha gives you as a present in Uru/MystOnline

#28 - Great Zero
CRYSTALs, crystals everywhere
don't be fooled, it's not a pair.
Look around and you will see
the magic number could be THREE.

#29 - Julia Collection
Let there be light.

#30 - Crossroad Dreams
Have a seat and refresh yourself.

#31 - Silent Swan
Don't let it get rusty

#32 - Low Prim Antiques & Textures
The sun shall set on rocks of old, your second gear is in their fold.

#33 - NachtMusik
This gift really turns the tables on things.

#34 - Steampunk Emporium
Listen to the vinyl.

#35 - Steampunk Adventures
Up, up and away!
My beautiful, my beautiful balloon!

#36 - AdelleArts
Who are you going to ask?

#37 - Hatpins
Hint? Delighted, I'm sure.

#38 - Clocktower Design
A beautiful window gazing out over the land

#39 - The Golden Oriole
Welcome to the Golden Oriole's mini hunt!
The first riddle is the following:
"I have streets but no pavement.
I have cities but no buildings.
I have forests yet no trees.
I have rivers yet no water."
Everything you need is inside of this building.

#40 - Unrepentant
"Well, under the fall, in a crease of the stone,
Though precisely where none ever has known,
Jammed darkly, nothing to show how prized,
And by now with its smoothness opalized"
~Thomas Hardy

#41 - Quant &Curious Contraptions
Your Time Is Ticking!

#42 - DragonForge
Subscribe to a better way of life and you shall win your goal.

#43 - PDC
It doesn't get easier than this!

#44 - Daros Jewell - Kytheria
Red Riding Hood. (and please follow the gears on the floor to the prize!)

#45 - Inea Wemyss - Madville Textures
Along this I can go from top to bottom!

#46A - Kembri Tomsen - The Curious Seamstress (location 1 of 2)
to the right
and up the stairs for hint

#46B - Kembri Tomsen - The Curious Seamstress (location 2 of 2)
Blinded by the light . . .!

#47 - Yellow JesteR
Looking around might shed some light on the situation

I'll eat my hat if you find this one

#49 - Morigi Steam
Go upstairs to check out the view...
The southwest corner's where you're heading to!

It's not that hard, so please don't whine...
Just look down behind this sign!

#50 - Phoenix Textures
Someone must have been careless to leave the cog way up there while BUILDING

#51 - Top Katz
Sneek up, to not wake the lion ...your prize is close

#52 - COGOO
You might be tired? ok,refresh time^^ Jump in the swamp!

#53 - Twisted Metal SteamWorks
It's in the Pink.

#54 - Tree House Treasures
I don't think the wax will melt the gear

#55 - Sanctorum
“Like a flash of lightning and in an instant the truth was revealed' Nikola Tesla
Look up.
The Victorian Lady walks between two worlds
shaded and pensive.
A dirigible tossed by coiled force
In a darkened sky

#56 - Canolli Capalini - Capalini Fine Furnishings
Up the steps, they don't bite.. much

#57A - Amaranthus - 1 of 2
Through yonder window,
A gear is on edge
...and ready to jump!

#57B - Amaranthus/Star Kindler Designs - 2 of 2
Oh! What’s that behind the balustrade?...

#58 - Sculptify
This is sure to reel you in!

#59 - Myluminations
Above the skies, An automaton hides, crafting his gears

#60 -Myrddin's Emporium
If you wish to find the gear,
behind a picture you must pier_

#61 - AIDORU
(time to rest a bit in the love corner!)

#62 - Rag Dollz
Holding onto rails on oceanliners and at the edge of high places keeps you from going over the side!

#63 - Dark n Crazy
go upstairs and enjoy your meal =)

#64 - Wildz Creations
sign me up, i love trivia!

#65 - Simply
Surrender to the Steampunk Lifestyle!

#66 - Montagne Noire Clothiers
Ahoy Captain!

#67 - BlakOpal Designs
Top Of The Stairs

#68 - Z's
You spin me right round....

#69 - SparkWorks

#70 - D&M Dream Furniture
Mr. Poe sits back in his chair and looks down
at the disgraceful state of his scruffed black boots.
He wishes he had stopped writing at his desk long enough
to get a shoe shine. Dipping his quill in the ink he scratches out,

#71 - Kastle Rock Couture
Better subscribe by Midnight

#72 - Dreams In Digital Art Gallery
Your quest shall soon begin

#73 - Cybernetics Group
Flight is Right but we don't go too far

#74 - Tea & Strychnine
You will not find it in the tea,
it won't be found up in a tree.
The dormouse cannot tell you where,
but his teapot might just point you there.
Please sit down and take a rest
while you are working on this quest!
The gears are spinning round and round
up in the air and on the ground.
The treasure is quite close at hand -
it might even be right where you stand.
(with abject apologies to Theodore Geisel)

#75 - Deviant Designs
You said I was looking for a gear! That's a water wheel!!!

#76 - Malfean Visions
It's an Aurora good time.

#77 - Grim Bros
curiosity killed the ostrich

#78 - Aster's Builts
I am hungry, i hope they serve dinner soon

#79 - Hudson's Clothing Co
Climbing stairs will get you there,you'll find all eyes are looking

#80 - Builders Brewery
[There's a notecard on the sign.]

#81 - Momomuller / 3M
mechanic Edward in a little problem. Let's give hand to him.

#82 - Nevermore
[Think outside the box.]

#83 - GUHL Architecture
Marcet sine advensario virtus :)... it s in the store area
[Or: "Pictures abound and are quite nice. One to the North will surely suffice."]

#84 - The Epic Toy Factory
[Read the notecard.]

#85 - Kusshon Ltd. Victorian Furniture
when you are at your wit´s end - look where you can find new wisdom.
wenn du mit deiner weisheit am ende bist - suche, wo du neue weisheit findest

#86 - Wishbox
Hidden in plain sight.

#87 - Belle Belle Fantasy
Time Travelers find me easily!

#88 - Four Winds
He is Atomic #2

#89 - Parajen Homes
A sacred church,
A crow's perch,
By grave and skull,
Begin your search.
Warning cries,
Watchful eyes,
By shadowed gears,
Find the prize.

#90 - The Tiggerworks
You can't get there from here.
So call a skyship and take a trip.

(Until further notice: There is supposed to be a teleporter working, but it isn't at the moment, so follow the red arrow from

#91 - Boondoggle
Use your camera, and follow the rope.
Hold your breath, and dive deep.
When you have reached the end of your rope, choose sit.

#92 - Beloved
I like to hide in small spaces!

#93 - RnB Designs
It's summer ! I love calid colors like... orange !
(<30m from the landing point)

#94 - Bombard Gadgets and Clothier
(Use a compass to find me!)

#95 - Shanghai Trading Co
(Smells Kinda Fishy to Me)

#96 - Cedar Bay Homes and Furnishings
Cogs of a feather flock together,
round and round they go.
One sits tall upon a wall,
its brothers perched below.

#97 - AD Creations
ENG walk and looks up - ITA cammina e guarda in alto

#98 - JaqueMate
Kick off your shoes, relax a while!

#99 - The Home Store
Are you going to Scarborough Fair?

#100 - The Hedge Witch
The universal symbol for hospitality
is geared up for you

#101 - Eat Me Bakery
There are THREE Gifts at this location!!!
Hint 1: Cinderella ain't got nothin' on these kicks!
Hint 2: What could possibly go wrong?
Hint 3: OOOOO! Pretty lights!

#102 - Baroque Ethic
A fool knows not the peril until the adventure is done.
The wise man turns to exit at once.

#103 - Sprocket Labs
A wise man will bow
To a message that's stern.
But sometimes it's only
through chance that we learn.

#104 - Sidneys Fab Contraption
It could be anywhere under the sun...

#105 - Whitechapel 1888
Under The Apples en Pears

#106 - Stainless Steam Co
Your gift is hidden next to your next jubilee

#107 - Weka Steam Co
The location is towering over you!

#108 - Seven Sisters Emporium
Every one is lined with us well and it's in the bag

#109 - Furniture Passion

#110 - Camellia's Sanct.
Its like finding a needle in a haystack or should i say gear stack... - If at first you dont succede, try, try again . . .

#111 - Noctis Furniture
Without this gear we get no BOOOOOOOOM

#112 - Oddments Shop
time will tell

#113 - Myrddin's Emporium - Blaidd Drwg
Poachers need to fear,
Nessy guards the gear

#114 - Talon Faire
"Sailing.. Takes me away....."

#115 - Icarus Video
Come on down and WATCH out that you dont miss me

#116 - Admittedly Absent
What you hunt is down below-
Douse the lights and seek the glow.
If you want to get ahead...
Ponder the value of being well-read.

#117 - Spectral Daisy
the gypsy's funeral

#118 - La MiLa
Where formulas and colors meet,
and Chaos rules in places high -
a sharpened eye is all you need,
to find what others just pass by...

#119 - ReToX
Follow the path

#120 - Denimore Ind. Design
You must be getting hotter, the gear sure is

#121 - NLimbo Poses
The gear is not misbehaving but THEY are

#122 - L+N Signature Designs
It is looking around, around, and then up

#123 - The Secret Shelf
This hunt will Be the Ruin of us all..

#124 - NS6
X marks the spot.

#125 - (0thrive)
Stuck Between a Wall and Bombshells.

#126 - Hudson's Illuminations
Take a close-up look, and you're sure to see something below your gaze.

#127 - Ankh Morpork
The Guild of Thieves is near at hand:
the map will help you understand.
A man with a torch will show the way
but don't ask him; he will not say.

#128 - "POST"
Sons of Pullman porters & the sons of engineers / Ride their fathers' magic carpet made of steel

#129 - Griss' General Store
You'll find it, don't PANIC

#130 - Textures by Corry & Night
I`m Hiding in plain sight...I`m hiding by my friend the bee

#131 - Dark Vision
check the time

#132 - Designs by Serrita
he cabbage garden below needs tending,
go to the compost wagon and feed the garden

#133 - WPJewels
Something old, Something new, Something Borrowed, Something ?

#134 - emPathy
By the light of a silvery moon

#135 - "Peace & Titanium"
Every day is special, but some days are Jubilees!

#136 - The Mad Hattery
It is a Steampunk Hunt is it not,and if it be steam then the only conclusion is that steam rises

#137 - PaSaRa
No animals were harmed in the hiding of this GIFTIE GEAR!

#138 - "Haven Township"

#139 - Daallinii's Creations
Take the teleporter
and have a picnic
at the KooKoo's nest!

#140 - Warehouse 13
tunnel to left in back

#999 When you get that one, it has one more landmark....