Thursday, March 4, 2010

Steamhunt #2 SLURLS & hints

Okay, I tried to keep this up-do-date and get it done early, but a couple of crises in both sl (Anshe Chung) and rl (the War on Tourism is now at every shore) interrupted my clever plan.

I had started off with making slurls that would deliver a pointer to either the front door of a place or the Steam Hunt sign so people wouldn't find themselves in a state of confusion when an LM put them at a landing point with no relationship to the correct shop.

However, when I'd finished putting out all the local fires and found myself with only three days to complete the hunt myself, I began to realize that people with similar problems, or those who only found out about it rather late in the month, were going to be scurrying around with little time to waste on gears that took an hour to find. Besides, it was taking too much time to find the gear and then backtrack to find an appropriate spot to point to - so I was pretty much making a slurl wherever I was standing when I found the gear. So it went at that point from being a hunt blog to a cheat sheet.

And just when I thought I was done, someone mentioned that there were two gears at #22 and the old clue wasn't any good anymore. I was trying to keep up with that sort of update so since I'd only found one gear at #22 originally, I had to go back. (Glad I did, too!)

My experience last year was that a lot of the shops left the gear up for at least another day or so (and a couple of places still had it up weeks later - and there was one place that still had last year's gear up on this hunt, which confused a lot of people), so if you didn't complete the hunt by midnight Pacific time March 31st, you may still be able to do it if you rush - and I've provided all the help I can.

1. Start Point, Mieville Doyle

2. Anna Darwinian's Steampunk Adventure Store
if frogs could fly

3. Kytheria Steampunk
Look up then down and see the sun

4. Rag Dollz (new main shop)
One of Many.

5. Steambound, Dysnomia Sky Mall
Where you hang the horseshoe!

6. Arieala Andel & Serrita Ember Store
"Follow the true path, It leads to truth and to your gifts. Turn the prayer wheel and ring the gong to find your way"

7. The Home Store
It's a good thing this gear doesn't easily rust!

8. Amaranthus Victorian Goth Jewelry
Where the walls meet

9. Star Kindler Designs
By the Jellyfish....

10. Embyr's Inferno
(Check the number - last year's gear is still apparently in the shop.)
On top of a place where little princesses dream's finally come true
A gear and a gift lie in wait for you!

11. Hatpins
A little small hint?
That's what you'd like to know,
Let me say that if you miss it,
Then away from it you'll go.

12. Madville Textures Warehouse
Lots of wood here.

13. Lantian
GEAR yourself up,
Look here and there;
Find SPARKLY things
That you might wear.

14. Morigi Steam
Grab a Land Mark to come back and visit,
you'll prolly find the prize there!!


16. Quaint & Curious Contraptions Shop
(Man, I hate dexterity games! - Ed.)

17. The Epic Toy Factory
RiDdLe Me ThIs???
Know me now find me !
Wonderful you found me now , look for the first star on the right and travel straight on till morning.
What ye seeks awaits for you there.
REMEMBER all is not all is at it seems.

18. Dark N Crazy Victorian Furniture
Look above

19. Steampunk Emporium
Get behind the money...

20. Londinium Gearworks
Between the blue eyes you will find it up high.

21. Z's
You spin me right round, baby! :D

22. E&D Designs
The two prizes are now sitting on top of the Steampunk stuff.

23. Things You've Myst
Hint(s) are available in the shop. Start the "mini hunt" at the sign.

24. Talon Faire
I Reflect upon my need
for a Lover's kiss indeed
glancing above,
I would sit in love,
and follow where he would lead.

25. Pop Tart & Urban Assault
The poor little kittens have lost their mittens...
... and now they've lost their pretty gear too!
Please help them find it!

25b. Belle Belle Fantasy
time flies, so they say, when you're having fun,
and on this device you'll do much more than run!
forwards and backwards and maybe even loop,
(and if you seek nessie, you will get the scoop!)
any time is the right time when you take it for a spin
so synchronize your watches and strap yourself in!
once you are sitting your prize will be near
just look by your feet for the fabled brass gear!

26. Julia Collection
Put the Ice Cream back. Its melting!

27. Mollyworld Alternative Dwellings
TP to the 3rd floor - you don't want to BRING UP THE REAR in the hunt, do you?
future hints will be in the hint box at the lp.

28. Fiction & Chaos
Seven up + Seven up = win \0/

29. Pdc Creations
Look for the signs

30. Never Ever!

31. VM Detail Design
"Headgear doesn't always mean hat."

32. Enzo's Freehold & Neko Soup
Enzo is OUT of his mind.
He's just NOT RIGHT I tell ya.
He took my gear out for a spin and dropped it somewhere in the REZZING YARD.
If I had a NICKEL for everytime he did this to me, I'd be a rich woman!
BTW - No need to buy, just touch it when you find it and it will be yours

33. Anakron Antique Furniture
I fell out of the pocket of a lumberjack, but he only saws lumber at night.

34. ezura Gothic + Steampunk + Fantasy +RP
"Not too high, not too low. It is Steampunk after all!^^"

35. Crossroad Dreams
Peekaboo! I'm right at home in here with the rest of the gears.

36. Robbish

37. Athy Designs Elegant Furniture
Turn Around
Look For The Hound
The Gear Can Be Found
On The Ground

38. Trashtastic Designs!
(a big smoke will help you climb)

39. Rusty Rhode

40. Beloved Custom Designs
At home on the wall with the other gears.
(Sometimes it's not so bad to be down and out.)

41. Ali Couture

42. Daallini's Creations
Is your Destiny to find what you seeK...?

43. DragonForge
"Subscribe to a better way of life and you will often find treasure. But don't stop there... there is more to be found!"

44. Kashy's Kreations
Sit and gaze at the stars

45. Shiny Shop

46. Papillon
I seem to be near the staircase upstairs!

47. Rasetsukoku - We're ALL Mad Here!
Run, rabbit, run!

48. USED
On top of a thing that spins.

49. STEAMPUNK by Peace & Titanium
To locate the prize you have in mind...
Then UP and BEHIND.
Within the gear, a NEW prize you will find.

50. B-Dazzled Designs
We are a big fan of the SteamPunk Hunts
(They changed the sim and put the gear right in the landing area.)

51. The Hedge Witch

"What do women want?"

53. Gems & Kisses
The gear is near an object called with the name of a famous italian Theater

54. Malfean Visions

55. Freenote Fantasy
In the purple water lurks,
a creature with a few pesky quirks.
Steals your bait and jumps the line,
behind the records, you will find.

56. Jessica's Creations
Take the TP to the second floor
Upstairs you will find it behind a screen
If you look close enough
The gear will be seen
(Not really - but relax and look up.)

57. Sidney Arctor's Fabulous Contraptions
Hunting can be a very upLifting experience.

58. LNL Main Store
Look in the upper floors!

59. Yellow JesteR
In the past they would use a bell,
but only down, could they see,
Modern man uses equipment in this age of technology,
But throughout all time, the brave simply go free.

60. Peterman LTD Dry Goods
You seek out a cog, but where can it be?
Ensconced in the foliage of a tree?
You glance aloft into branches above,
then give up and warm your hands at the stove.

61. Atomic Gagger Art Gallery
Stay and make some Smores while you are there.

62. DME Gadgets
Nice to have you drop by, even if you are flying through. My shop is outdoors
and so is the gear
if you look for the flash
you will find it is near

63. > Weather! or not?
Take a defensive position

64. Blaidd Drwg
How do you know it's absolutely full?
Coz there's not much room inside

65. Voluptuous Designs

66. Oblonski
Got Milk?

67. Curious Seamstress

68. Denimore Industrial Design
Where would you store a gear in here?

69. Serenity Steamworks

70. Sassy Brass
Your hunt will go alright, as long as you follow the light.
Sending a million watts of luck to you,
To flip your switch and see you through.

71. Grim Bros
Grim Bros. is keeping their gear warm.

72. DooDaddy's

73. Sirens Song
Fire and water might scald you....

74. Main Shop to Destiny's Designs
when you enter our winter wonderland look for Destiny's Designs at the other end of the road.

75. [kusshon] ltd. victorian furniture
music was my first love.

76. JaqueMate
"Sunbeams come from here..."

77. Myrddin's Emporium
Has my underwear dried yet?

78. Tea & Strychnine
A DJ spins
a platform whirls
dancers turn
the gear is found.

79. Gears n Roses
Confucius says:
He who touches correct cog has advantage

80. DragonLady Designs
Look high and you will find your 'REWARDS'!

81. Jabberwocky
Seek the Jabberwocky - Notice his shiny claws and the ring that adorns a finger closest to his maw.

82. Rocket Creations 2010 Store
(Neat store, no gear - but go anyway for the fun of it.)

83. Res Ipsa Loquitur
"To find the gear,
And not lose face,
Stick your nose,
In every place."

84. TrashVille Mainstore
"Don't stay cooped up inside; take a stroll and enjoy the flowers."

85. Phoenix Renegades
Smoking is bad for your health.

86. Myrtil's Mess (new location)
I looked up and saw a squirrel holding something shiny.
"It's not a nut, it's a cog, you little silly!"

87. Sculptify
This shouldn't take too much time. You won't be a grandfather by the time you find this one.

88. Builders Brewery

89. Wildz Creations Main Store
Trivia Anyone?

90. NDC Glengarry
Wear this when that Light Bulb goes off in your head.

91. Capalini Fine Furnishings

92. SR Leatherwerkx
"Don't let this hunt get you Down!
Finding the Gear is Up to you!"

93. The Golden Oriole
'The loftiest cedars I can eat,
Yet neither paunch nor mouth have I,
I storm whene'er you give me meat,
Whene'er you give me drink I die.'
[And Google is your friend.]

94.Avatar Bizarre and Eight Zero!
Volcano erupts
A pyromaniac's dream
This is one hot suit.
[I don't know what that's supposed to mean, but the eyes have it.]

95. Item Shop
In plane sight but hidden behind.

96. Tegatti Engineering Co.
You will need some traction to solve this puzzle
[I need a little help to track this down.]

97. BHD Flagship Store
"We extort, we pilfer, we filch and sack, drink up me hearties, yo ho..."
[I totally loved this place - there's even a dress named after a Tom Lehrer song.]

98. Mire - Gentleman's Apparel
Look for somewhere to hang your hat.

99. GPD Gothic Passionate Dreams
Look to Were the Midnight Madness and cupcakes bring you

100. Twisted Metal SteamWorks & Mysic
It's where the pigeons roost.

101. Kismet Medieval Celtic Designs
Tea will be served in the Gallery

102. Haven Township
There is a rotating gear round an old oak tree

103. Furniture Passion
" Where Mademoiselle write letters"

104. Montagne Noirse Clothiers
[It's inside the foot of the stairs, you have to cam in through the wall to take it.]

105. Dilettantish Tragos

106. Albion Importers Ltd.
You must be light on your feet to find me

107. Camellia's Sanctuary
I hope you like my silly little rhyme, enclosed in it is a hint of mine...I hid it when I drank the wine!

108. The Tiggerworks
Some gears stay lowly all their lives, but some climb to dizzy heights.

109. L'Atelier

110. Illusions - Masks and Unique Accessories
I didn't realize the chair was clockwork

111. D&M Dream Furniture
"What to wear, what to wear?" she sighs, hanging on the door as she peers in at her clothes.
(And, no. It doesn't mean look in inventory, lol)

112. Myluminations by THri
You may find me spinning beneath the chinese ship in the sky

113. Ab Hinc

114. 22769
"I'M NOT GREEN - BUT I SHOULD BE! (so where would you put your greens in?)"
"Ich bin nicht grĂ¼n, obwohl ich es sein sollte (ger)

115. Hudson's Clothing Co.
Using the stairs you'll find a nice warm place to sit and have a drink CHEERS to a great and happy hunt ! There you will also get the next LM to the next location

116. GUHL Architecture
...we re ready
[Well, it's steaming, anyway.]

[Skips 117.]

118. Punky Pugilists Secret Works
Follow the sounds of water to the place where qahwa is brewed and served to welcomed guests.

119. The Dolly Box Club
Look High Look Low. You know how those engineers are always changing things.
(I will be moving the gear ever couple of days.)

120. On Fire with LEXI
Treat your problems with more care than I have this gear.

121. Spectral Daisy

122. WPJewels Moolbora
Walks around the store singing "Pearls are a girls best friend"...

123. The Red Dragon Tavern
Chinese Dragon
As the sun came up, a ball of red
I followed my friend where ever he led.
He thought his fast horses would leave me behind,
but I rode a dragon swift as the wind!
*Chinese Mother Goose Rhyme*

124. Steamy Victoria
I like narrow spaces.

125. Kashy's Kreations (2)
Welcome to Kashy's Kreations

126. Dressed by Lexi
Winks sees all!

127. Pearse'd & Cut
Don't let your hunt escalate into despair.

128. Framed Perfection
"Lets shine a little light on this subject."

129. Sparkworks

130. Ky's Kreayshunz

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  1. Seen on the group, courtesy of Penny Wiesel: "grab 103 on the way to 38.... it is last year's cog with a new prize in it"