Monday, November 1, 2010

Silk Road Hunt (1) 2010

1. Start point - Silk Road Hunt HQ
"Look above, look below, look under where the dishes go."

2. Lantian
"silks and gems is where I hide"

3. Pop Tart & Urban Assault
"She'll never play tea party but at least she has her dolls!"

4. Shiny Shop

5. D&M Dream Furniture
"I like my Chinese tea in china cups."

6. The Mad Hattery
"While the dragon has historically served as China's national emblem, in recent decades the panda has also served as an emblem"

7. Avatar Bizarre
"Pirates get potted."

8. Poetry Sorbet

9. Ziva's Underground Footwear
"Ok, guys, are we supposed to go west or east?
Ladies: I thought we'd take a trip to China."

10. Suki's Silks at Hanbok
"This Pirate of the Orient is one tough dude."

11. Destiny's Designs
"Ladies: Go north from this Rose of the Orient and you'll find your treasure.
Gentlemen: I'd suggest you go to Atlantis to find this treasure."

12. MollyWorld
"Best gifts found 3rd Floor with Kurds"

13. Shimmachi Garden & Market
"Falling lilac leads the way"

14. Royal Thai Gallery
"Go down Sukhothai Hall to the end"

15. Cappalini's Fine Furnishing
" Soft chimes should guide your feet inside, but up the stairs is where I hide"

16. Casual Couture (22769)
"....1. The green, green grass of home
....2. Culture clash: When african couture meets asia
.......(have a look at the casual line)"

17. POST
"dim tokonoma -- even the old cup is empty"

18. DragonLady's Closet
"Have you phoned Buddha today?"

19. Shanghai Trading Co.
"Don't look down whilst you monkey around."

"one never knows where a skull can your body!"

"such 4 nice color choices."

22. Satu's Sushi at Kotan
"A landscape in miniature for a miniature pagoda."

23. TexWorks
"Burnt and charred...the pagoda is above all that.."

24. Murasaki Soul, Japanese products
"What was the name of the ruling class in Japan before 1867 AD?"

25. LnL Square
"Find the Japanese armour!"

26. emPathy
"By the light of a silvery moon"

27. Dark Vision
"the fire in your eyes, keeps me alive im sure in her you'll find , sanctuary"

28. USC Textures
"Follow the Tracks to Old Japan"

29. GUHL ArchitectureDesign
"Floors can be beautiful :)
It s in the GUHL store area not outside"

30. Never Ever!
"Even the highest Pagoda begins at the floor"

31. Arieala's Dirty Grungy Clothes, Designs By Serrita Ember
"Climb the steps to your right to the Buddha, spin the prayer wheels and ring the old bell"

32. FallnAngel Creations
"it loves to look at moon flowers at midnight"

33. Nightingale's Design
"Open the door, your gift is inside ;)"

34. Shop Name: John's Ancient Treasures @ ~Lantian~
"silks and gems is where I hide"

35. Camellias Sanctuary
"Follow the Lotus Flowers"

36. Aster's Builts
"oh a new cake being displayed!"

37. Frosted Myst Designs
"A library can never have enough of these"

38. Timeless Textures
"Travellers along the Silk Road used maps to find their way. Though,in SL you might find SCULPT MAPS more useful!"

39. Morigi Steam
"searching for the prize
for WARFARE you must intend
to CHOOSE your weapon"

40. The Hedge Witch
"Where bees buzz over flowers sweet, your next stop on the Silk Road meet"

41. Noctis
"Does hunting make you sleepy?"
42. "Bibiten: Beautiful Store"
Perryn says: "# 42 IS OUT OF THE HUNT!!!! PLEASE BYPASS IT. You should be receiving the LM for #43 at shop #41."

43. AD Creations
"I have very big feet..."

44. Purple Moon Oriental Decorations
"Hint : I like oranges :)"

45. Asian Steam by Peace & Titanium
"It's Light but not fluffy."

46. PRIME Furniture
"I'm sure you would like a taste of India"

47. Yellow JesteR
"Look To Your Left"

48. Al Jamal
"Between the moutain and the arch"

49. ~Enlil~
"[Behind the silken veil]"

50. Unrepentant
"We're all mad here"

"Victoria and Albert"

52. Abadutiker - Traders by Tradition
"I rest at my Lord's feet in his Manor"

53. Samurai Cats
"To find the treasure, the floor behind Smiling Jack is the key."

54. Maria PequenaTM
"Always Kiss me goodnight Bed ;)"

55. ASKA Shapes by SHIKI
"Beauty has thorns."

56. Orquidea
"Tea for two and two for tea"

"in the forest, they feel good."

58. Aunty Prim's Textures & Supplies
"Kimono right in :)"

59. Daallinii's Creations
"Seek the Magical Blue Butterfly..."

60. Malfean Visions ::.:.
"The Group gets all the shiny things."

61. Voodoo Instruments
"Check the Workshop!"

62. Crazy Cake Creations
"if this hunt is giving you trouble maybe you should sleep on it for a while"

63. *RRS* Rose River Saloon
"It tops the thing that tops your head"

64. Deezul creations
"One the top floor over the painted lady"

65. Serenity Myst Retreat
"wonder if they serve drinks out here? Sherlock, you there?"

66. The Eat Me Bakery & Cupcakery
"Shoes off the Table! Put them away where there supposed to go!"

67. Shop name: Black Barnacle Tattoo Parlor
"more than skeletons in this closet"

68. Shop name: Nymphetamine Boutique (The Carrington Location)
"Up the stairs to Your Left "


70. S-tylistic-ERA
"Its high time? Not at any time, but in this era!"

71. Top Katz
"Many worship in many ways..offer meat and might go better for you then me"

72. Myrddin's Emporium
"Even a Tantric temple is agood place to find enlightenment - as long as you keep your mind on higher matters."
(Read note in gift for second gift.)

73. True North Designs
"With a flock of Herons I stand, by a grove of Golden Bamboo"

74. The House of Byzanthine
"this pagoda is a fine decoration for a french secretaire"

75. Chaotic Silence
[Dropped out of hunt]

76. Yellow Submarine Homewares
"move toward the light"

77. Shop name: Nymphetamine Boutique b (Sturges Location )

78. Aki-Kimono
"in a kimono shop it's quite logic to go to see the kimono"

"Upstairs to the dance lounge... I could have danced all night ... but what's behind the leafy bamboo?"

80. Robbish:

81. Luminous Designs
"One can always find good deals in the Orient"

82. Kannonji Imports
"The Bodhisattva with 1000 arms..."

83. Shop Name: Haven Township
"It all started with Zhang Qian"

84. Holly's Market Hall
"Fiona guards the pagoda"

85. [[[COGOO]]]
"Oh no,cats took away the pagoda^^! Where's black and..."

86. The Crossing
"It is in the tea house"

87. Fantasy China Stone Ryba's Desighn, Ali's Textures
Two clues, "Three kingdom" and "Wedding"

88. The Epic Toy Factory
[See notecard.]

89. Montagne Noire Clothier
"A sea of black ink & foreign lands"

90. MayLou Designs
"Cross the magic stepping stones to find your prize"

91. Eternal Blessings
"I would taste better in a pie"

92. Dreamer Designs
"As you travel through the night,
The silkroad lit by dim torchlight.
A broken bridge now blocks your path
Your merchandise wont survive a bath.
The silence broken by a howling sound,
A way across, this creature found,
Seek further then the howler can see
So you can continue your journey."

93. Alma 's Fantasy
"look where Henri, Mary and Elisabeth may have kept their garments - look to the north"
[This sign took a long time to rez and was darkened so it was camaflaged by the surroundings; also, the clue is only in mouseover hovertext.]

94. Halostar
"This is what you're looking for. HINT: Believing is Seeing"

95. Dakota
"Now I lay me down to sleep.... "

96. Raven's Heart
[There is a hint pagoda with no hint.]

97. Amulet
"Touch Me when your mind is weary..."

98. Peterson Galleries
"In plain sight I be... Hidden behind greenery. Maybe you find me?"

99. ~[FLOX]~

100. End point - platform in Mieville Stevenson
[You know what to look for.]

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